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DSIR Technopreneurship Promotion Programme - Phase I and II funding support

Innovators everywhere have to face many challenges to realize their valuable ideas into working prototypes / process models and subsequently to emerge as successful start-up businesses, so as to benefit the customers and wider community. While the incubation process provides more focused support in start-up venture promotion and growth, it is also equally vital, to initially realize the nascent intellectual ideas into prototypes / working models. The process of realizing innovative ideas into workable models and prototypes traverses a challenging path with a hostile environment. In order to strengthen and enable this creative process, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has an interesting proposal to potential innovators, to enable themselves with financial support to overcome these innovation challenges successfully. The Technopreneurship Promotion Programme is ‘the programme to unleash the latent innovation potential of Indian innovators’.

TREC-STEP with the support of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, is implementing this novel programme ‘Technopreneur Promotion Programme’, to enable the innovation skills of individual innovators. Aiming to unleash the latent innovative potential of individuals, the TePP Phase I programme provides a comprehensive financial support up to Rs. 15 lakhs to fructify new product/process ideas into actual prototypes and process models.

Once the innovative ideas are realized into working prototypes / models, under TePP Phase II programme, DSIR provides commercialization support up to Rs. 45 lakhs. The individual innovators initiated through TePP Programme, shall then be facilitated to become successful entrepreneurs through TREC-STEP business incubation process and eco-systems. 


This initiative is an unparalleled pre-incubation initiative, preceding the TREC-STEP’s start-up incubation process and providing valuable inputs for the incubation process. The elaborate process of innovation development at TREC-STEP is:

Identifying promising innovators against a selection grid, technology vetting by experts in the field, adequacy and reality
checks and bridging the gaps.
Funding Application documentation support for the innovators.
Expert participation and vetting by Technology Angel Network of interdisciplinary faculty researchers.
Funding based on a due diligence process, both at the local level with a Project Management Committee and also at the apex level, with National committee.
Assisting innovation realization with technology support, hands on prototyping and modelling assistance.
Incubating innovators into successful, high growth ventures, under TePP II programme, by developing a strong venture case ,with a series of venture funding rounds.

Innovation Development @ TREC STEP


The unique Innovation Support Scheme, TePP, of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), has so far indeed proved to be a boon for unleashing the latent innovation potential of individuals, by complementing the nurturing environment at TREC-STEP, providing comprehensive mentoring and financial support to fructify innovative ideas into actual prototypes and process models.  TREC-STEP has carefully selected and nurtured a Technology Angel Network of nearly 35 Academicians from various departments of NIT Trichy and other reputed Institutions, in the region, to provide the guidance, evaluation and innovation development support for innovators. Since TREC-STEP’s inception as the first DSIR TePP Outreach Centre in the country in 2006, TREC-STEP has helped 36 innovators to get financial support from DSIR to the tune of Rs. 2.6 Crores. Of this 23 Innovators have successfully developed prototypes and working models of their innovative ideas and 13 are working towards fruitful completion of their innovative projects.  TREC-STEP DSIR TePP Innovators have so far won 9 National awards and 2 International awards for their innovative ideas.

The greatest success however is that 15 of the TREC-STEP TePP grantees have scaled up as successful start-up companies, which have created wealth, jobs and tax revenues. TREC-STEP has been working with renewed spirit to support the remaining Innovators to surmount the challenges and to launch their successful innovation based ventures, as well. TREC-STEP was able to utilize and has made maximum investments in innovation development, as a unique achievement.