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Benchmarking Learning Tours:


TREC-STEP organized two learning tours to the most modern power plants and CCS demonstration projects in Europe for enabling experiential learning among the Indian thermal power sector players.

First Benchmarking Learning Tour to CCS demonstration projects in Europe:

TREC-STEP organized the first learning tour during 6th to 17th February, 2012. Six researchers and engineers from the cluster and project management team members visited ten institutions in the UK and Germany. The team visited Schwarze Pumpe Power Station and the Oxyfuel pilot plant, Spremberg; CO2 Storage Facility, Ketzin; Staudinger Post Combustion Pilot Plant, Offenbach; RWE Coal Innovation Centre, Niederaussem Power Plant, Niederaussem; IEA Clean Coal Centre, London; British Geological Survey, Nottingham; National Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, Nottingham; Post combustion Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, Ferry Bridge Power Station, Yorkshire; Renfrew Test Facility, Doosan Power Systems, Glasgow during the first learning tour

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Second Benchmarking Learning Tour to the most modern thermal power plants in Europe:

TREC-STEP organized the next Benchmarking Learning Tour during 6th to 13th October, 2013. The team of eight senior engineers from the thermal power sector and project management team members participated in the study tour. The team visited modern coal-fired plants such as Maasvlakte Power Station and Amer Power Plant in the Netherlands and Lünen Power Plant and Datteln Power Plant in Germany. They also had intensive discussions at the International Energy Agency (IEA) Experts in France. These interactions helped the team members to get a detailed understanding of the current state of CCT as well as the policies which need to be put in place for the CCT and CCS technologies to be implemented on a meaningful scale

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